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How to meditate with a mala necklace

Hold your mala in your right hand, with the mala beads between your thumb and first finger. Start with the first bead after the guru bead or the bead with the tassel. Slowly, begin to pull the beads towards you as you recite a mantra, either out loud or silently. Say one mantra for each mala bead and keep a steady pace. Don’t worry about your speed, your mantra will decide how fast you go.

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How to care for your Mala

Please give our mala a good home and love your malas as much love as we do!We handpick each wood bead and stone bead and only use the highest quality. Our stone beads and especially our wood beads do not like swimming, baths, showers and doing dishes or water of any kind. Water and chemicals including body lotions and hand creams could damage the beads and cause them to lose or change color. 

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