How to meditate with a mala necklace

Hold your mala in your right hand, with the mala beads between your thumb and first finger. Start with the first bead after the guru bead or the bead with the tassel. Slowly, begin to pull the beads towards you as you recite a mantra, either out loud or silently. Say one mantra for each mala bead and keep a steady pace. Don’t worry about your speed, your mantra will decide how fast you go.

When you have finished a full round of your mala, don’t go over the guru bead. This is an important bead; it represents both the teacher and the god. This bead can’t be passed over or touch by your thumb. Turn the mala around and continue saying your mantras and pulling the mala beads until you have finished 108 repetitions or multiples of 108.


Here is a 108 knotted mala made with unpolished sandalwood and right orange string. This is a simple mala with no extra beads, spacers or sizes, all the beads are 8mm and this is the perfect style of mala to use for meditation. The guru bead has a extra long tassel, reminding you when to stop your cycle and begin again. 


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