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Meditation is something we should all make time for each day. But, meditating can be very difficult in the beginning stages. Our minds tend to wander off. This can be frustrating and prevent us from practicing as much as we should be. The mala is a useful tool for focusing your mind. While meditating if your energy is too low, you may fall asleep. If your energy is too high your mind will wander. A mala provides the perfect rhythm for your meditation, so practice a few different times a day and see what is most comfortable for you. A mantra is a very important part of the meditation practice and also for your mala beads. You need to find a mantra...

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Why are there 108 beads ?

A lot of people ask us why malas have 108 beads and why we are the 108 mala project. Since Adam and I learned about malas in Shangrila on the boarder of Tibet, we take the modern Tibetan approach to malas and meditation.  And here is the short story, Mantras should be said in sets of 100 during your meditation. There are 108 beads on your mala, so the extra 8 beads are just in case and to sure you got your 100 mantras counted! 108 is the most holy number in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.  If you are interested in a little more history and information about the mala counting here are some facts for you. Buddhist malas have 108 beads, but counting the 3...

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How to meditate with a mala necklace

Hold your mala in your right hand, with the mala beads between your thumb and first finger. Start with the first bead after the guru bead or the bead with the tassel. Slowly, begin to pull the beads towards you as you recite a mantra, either out loud or silently. Say one mantra for each mala bead and keep a steady pace. Don’t worry about your speed, your mantra will decide how fast you go.

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