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Meditation is something we should all make time for each day. But, meditating can be very difficult in the beginning stages. Our minds tend to wander off. This can be frustrating and prevent us from practicing as much as we should be. The mala is a useful tool for focusing your mind. While meditating if your energy is too low, you may fall asleep. If your energy is too high your mind will wander. A mala provides the perfect rhythm for your meditation, so practice a few different times a day and see what is most comfortable for you. A mantra is a very important part of the meditation practice and also for your mala beads. You need to find a mantra...

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When is the best time to meditate?

When is the best time to meditate? I like to say, its up to you! Especially if you are just starting to get into the habit of meditating. Any free time you have during the day works just fine.  When meditation becomes part of your daily routine, this is when you should start to think about when is the best time. I still believe that anytime that fits your daily routine is great, but some times of the day are thought to be more beneficial. The hour before sunrise is known as Brahma. This is the most auspicious time of the day to meditate and chant with your mala. Just before the sunrise, most people are still asleep and the...

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