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Meditation is something we should all make time for each day. But, meditating can be very difficult in the beginning stages. Our minds tend to wander off. This can be frustrating and prevent us from practicing as much as we should be. The mala is a useful tool for focusing your mind. While meditating if your energy is too low, you may fall asleep. If your energy is too high your mind will wander. A mala provides the perfect rhythm for your meditation, so practice a few different times a day and see what is most comfortable for you. A mantra is a very important part of the meditation practice and also for your mala beads. You need to find a mantra...

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What is a Dzi bead?

Tibet, Shangrila, Nepal and the Himalayan area is famous for its ancient beads, called Dzi beads or sometimes called God beads.  People in this area believe that dzi beads are good luck to wear. They are capable of driving away evil spirits, protecting against natural catastrophes, increase energy, and bring good health and good luck. Dzi beads have been dated back to 1000 B.C. and were once referred to as God Beads because at that time, it was only the Gods who wore the Dzi beads.  But, when their Dzi beads became old, scratched, chipped or broken they would throw the beads down from the heaven to earth. Then lucky people were able to find the worn beads. In another story the Dzi beads...

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