What is a Dzi bead?

Tibet, Shangrila, Nepal and the Himalayan area is famous for its ancient beads, called Dzi beads or sometimes called God beads. 

People in this area believe that dzi beads are good luck to wear. They are capable of driving away evil spirits, protecting against natural catastrophes, increase energy, and bring good health and good luck. Dzi beads have been dated back to 1000 B.C. and were once referred to as God Beads because at that time, it was only the Gods who wore the Dzi beads.  But, when their Dzi beads became old, scratched, chipped or broken they would throw the beads down from the heaven to earth. Then lucky people were able to find the worn beads.

In another story the Dzi beads are alive. Farmers working in the fields would see the Dzi beads moving around like worms. If they threw sand or dirt on to the beads they would freeze and become stone. Then they were able to wear the beads.

The beads will absorb all the negativity in your life and if you have ever seen Dzi beads before you know that there are many different patterns and shapes. The circles on the Dzi are called eyes and the number of eyes represent different things for you or your life.

The 9 eyes bead is one of the most popular, it may help you bring in money and see things in your life more clearly. 

The two eye dzi bead can be worn if you want more balance and harmony in your life. The two eyes represent yin and yang.

I was told that when you put on a Dzi bead for the first time, shortly after you will feel thirsty. This means your metabolism and blood circulation are speeding up and about three days your body will have adapted. 

If you hold two dzi beads in your hand, fingers out flat, beads in your palm, you will notice something amazing. The beads will slowly roll towards each other. Dzi beads are magnetic so they will always be drawn to each other. 

Dzi beads are only found in the Himalayas. And one story goes, that a long, long time ago one area in Tibet was hit with an asteroid. This caused all of the dzi beads to become magnetic. And the stone is so amazing the all these years later the dzi beads still hold their magnetic energy. 


But, wearing a magnetic stone can be very healthy and helpful to you body. People in Tibet claim that wearing the magnetic dzi beads improve your qi, make your blood flow faster and also help clean your blood, make your immune system stronger and also speed up your metabolism. It sounds crazy, but if you think about it, your blood has a lot of iron in it and wearing a magnetic stone will make the blood flow faster through that area.

Dzi beads are ancient and have been worn for centuries in Asia, especially by those who are spiritual or religious. But, in the last few years the beads have been making a huge come back with the younger generation. I was told, that a couple of years ago there was a plane crash in Taipei, Taiwan. And, sadly there was only one survivor. When he was interviewed later, he told the news crew that it was only because of his Dzi bead bracelet that he was still alive and that he would never go anywhere without it.  

Tibetans regard the dzi bead as the most precious gemstone. This is the stone that the royal family has worn for generations.  

In Tibet dzi beads can be used for mortgage purposes at banks and at the city's credit bureau. Often land or property can be paid for with dzi beads. Because of their small size they are very easy to carry around and are often look at the same as money.  

During a Tibetan wedding ceremony dzi beads are an essential ornament. The amount of dzi beads worn and their quality symbolize they families wealth and status. 



This is a medicine dzi bead bracelet made with lava stones.  


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