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A Broken Mala

Many people have mala beads that they have had for years. Many of these malas have been given to them by their Guru, blessed and have thousands and thousands of repetitions in that mala. But, what happens when that mala breaks? Most people feel sad and a great loss  because their mala had become such a large part of their life. Some people feel that is it a bad omen to have their mala break, especially if they are using it during meditation. Having you mala break isn't a bad, it is actually a positive event. In Buddhism, they believe that when you mala breaks you have learned something, you've made progress and now its time to move on to...

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Tassel Care

Tassels on knotted malas require extra care. Please be mindful when wearing your mala.  Dirty tassel- You can use a mild soap and give the tassel a quick wash. Lay the mala and tassel flat to air dry. Please make sure to keep ALL soaps and water away. Bent tassel- Lay the tassel on a flat surface, making sure the tassel strings are flat. Place a book on top of the tassel to flatten. If needed an iron or hair straightener only its a natural fiber. (not recommended)Uneven tassel- Using clean and very sharp scissors cut the long tassel strings to make flat and even. Frayed tassel- mild wax is a last resort. Burning is not an option, causes ends to be...

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How to care for your Mala

Please give our mala a good home and love your malas as much love as we do!We handpick each wood bead and stone bead and only use the highest quality. Our stone beads and especially our wood beads do not like swimming, baths, showers and doing dishes or water of any kind. Water and chemicals including body lotions and hand creams could damage the beads and cause them to lose or change color. 

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