Tassel Care

Tassels on knotted malas require extra care. Please be mindful when wearing your mala. 

Dirty tassel- You can use a mild soap and give the tassel a quick wash. Lay the mala and tassel flat to air dry. Please make sure to keep ALL soaps and water away. 

Bent tassel- Lay the tassel on a flat surface, making sure the tassel strings are flat. Place a book on top of the tassel to flatten. If needed an iron or hair straightener only its a natural fiber. (not recommended)

Uneven tassel- Using clean and very sharp scissors cut the long tassel strings to make flat and even. 

Frayed tassel- mild wax is a last resort. Burning is not an option, causes ends to be rough and sharp. 

So, please be kind and gentle to your tassel.


Sandalwood 108 knotted mala with dark red string and an extra long tassel. 

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