A Broken Mala

Many people have mala beads that they have had for years. Many of these malas have been given to them by their Guru, blessed and have thousands and thousands of repetitions in that mala.

But, what happens when that mala breaks? Most people feel sad and a great loss  because their mala had become such a large part of their life. Some people feel that is it a bad omen to have their mala break, especially if they are using it during meditation.

Having you mala break isn't a bad, it is actually a positive event. In Buddhism, they believe that when you mala breaks you have learned something, you've made progress and now its time to move on to the next step. 

Many people become very attached to their mala. When your mala breaks and you are not ready to let it go yet, you can save the beads and restring them. You can restring the mala only if you have saved and found all the beads. This way you still have your same mala, just a bit newer. If you have lost some of the beads, many people choose to make a small necklace or bracelet with the beads they can find. This will be a special piece of jewelry for them, reminding them of all their hard work and dedication. Another option is to use all the beads you can find and replace the lost beads with new beads to have your same mala. 

When we wear our malas the beads absorb negative energy from us, fear, stress, anxiety. For this reason, always be careful with your mala. Don't wear it during physical activities or where it can get damaged and never in the water. Many people even choose to take off their malas during yoga and place the malas near their mat, to save wear and tear

If you have broken your mala and are wanting it restrung, please send us an email and we will do our best to help you out. 


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