How to care for your Mala

Please give our mala a good home and love your malas as much love as we do!

We handpick each wood bead and stone bead and only use the highest quality. Our stone beads and especially our wood beads do not like swimming, baths, showers and doing dishes or water of any kind. Water and chemicals including body lotions and hand creams could damage the beads and cause them to lose or change color. 

Water, chemicals in lotions air or natural oils my cause metal spacer beads, charms and pendants to tarnish. Use a mild jewelry cleaner or polishing cloth to restore the shine. 

Malas are thought to be sacred objects and should be treated as such.  Although they can be worn as jewelry, they should not be treated like jewelry.  Leaving your mala around the house on a table to throwing it on the floor should never happen. When you wear you mala like jewelry be sure to protect it, and in turn it will protect you. If you take it off keep it in on something soft in a box or display case. Always remember they are sacred and should be treated well.

Malas can also be made of semi-precious stones or different types of wood.  They are thought to provide an additional benefit of vibrational support strengthening your goals. Stone malas should not be worn on the wrist for days at a time so the vibrational benefits of the stones are kept pure.  When you are not wearing your stone mala it should be kept in a pouch, box, pocket or bag. Gemstones and wood can absorb negative energy. To remove any unwanted energy, leave your mala in moonlight overnight, smudge it with sage or use amethyst or quartz.


A 108 knotted mala with wood and stone beads. 


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