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How to Take Care of your Dzi Beads

Dzi beads have been around for thousands and thousands of years. They are old and can last forever with your love and care. Here are some tips on keeping your dzi bead in good condition. Wear the dzi bead as often as you can. This allows them to absorb your body's warmth and interact with the magnetic field of your body.  If you have one than one dzi bead put them somewhere safe and special, such as a jewelry box or soft bag, when you are not wearing them. To increase the stones brightness and color, rub your fingers together lightly, while you are wearing the stone. Don't wear your dzi beads in water. When showering or taking a bath...

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What to do with Broken Dzi Beads

It is thought that the Dzi bead you wear always absorbs negative energy, that otherwise would have affected you. But, if your bead breaks, it means that it has absorbed so much negativity that it causes the bead to burst in order to relieve the negativity from you and your life.   If a large piece of your bead breaks off, it means that the bead is finished with its work. It is time for the bead to retire and you should allow it to rest and reward it for all the work it has done.  If you have a broken Dzi bead the best way to thank it for all the work it has done for you is to bury...

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