How to Take Care of your Dzi Beads

Dzi beads have been around for thousands and thousands of years. They are old and can last forever with your love and care. Here are some tips on keeping your dzi bead in good condition.

Wear the dzi bead as often as you can. This allows them to absorb your body's warmth and interact with the magnetic field of your body. 

If you have one than one dzi bead put them somewhere safe and special, such as a jewelry box or soft bag, when you are not wearing them.

To increase the stones brightness and color, rub your fingers together lightly, while you are wearing the stone.

Don't wear your dzi beads in water. When showering or taking a bath remove your dzi bead, it does not like water. If you are going swimming you cannot wear your dzi bead in a pool. The pool chemical will hurt the bead and dull the color. Try and avoid getting the dzi bead wet especially if you have a bracelet, the water will weaken the strings and could cause the bracelet to break easily.

Never drop the dzi bead. This will create stress for the bead and can cause cracking. 

The dzi bead will protect you if you protect the dzi bead. Don't lend the beads to someone else or let them try them on or handle the beads.

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