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Traveling in Bad Weather in an RV

As we all know the weather has a mind of it’s own and you never know what’s going to happen.  So I’m going to share a little about how we deal with weather.  Wind The first thing your going to learn about RVing is that wind will make your day or it might just make it miserable.  If you’ve ever driven in the south west of America then you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Last year we drove south in early November and were so excited to Roswell that we didn’t even think about the wind.  This was a huge mistake as we spent a few days heading into 30 - 40 mph winds towing our Big Horn 5th wheel. ...

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Wild Animals and Wild Adventures

What’s the craziest wild animal you’ve seen up close while traveling? One of the most amazing animals I’ve even swam with were the ‘gentle giants’ this winter in La Paz, Baja Mexico.  Whale sharks live in the Bay of La Paz for most of the winter before heading further north on the Sea of Cortez for the spring and summer for warm water and to keep feeding on the plankton rich waters.  They average in length from 5 to 10 meters, but can get up to 18 meters, making them the largest fish in the sea.  They are docile and swim quite slowly, especially while feeding. One of the whale sharks we got to swim with in La Paz this...

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