Our New Adventure!

Last November, after about 14 years of living and traveling China and Asia, Adam and I decided to move back to Canada. The months leading up to that, we had been watching a lot of documentaries and youtube videos about van life and we thought living and traveling in a sprinter van was the perfect idea for us. 

The few things we knew was that we still wanted to travel, we didn't want a regular job and that hotels and restaurants were a lot more expensive in North America compared to Asia. The sprinter van seemed like the ideal choice for us, until we actually measured out the living space and figured we couldn't fit any of our mala supplies inside. We need to have our stones, woods, crystals, strings and figured that was about 1000 pounds that couldn't be crammed into that cool little van. 

At this time we were fortunate enough to be staying with Adam's parents in Texas and we met some really amazing people who had trailers, campers and 5th wheels and were happy to give us tours.  When we saw inside these massive trailers, we were blown away! I had no idea this is what trailers looked like inside, marble counter tops, fire places, dishwashers, island counters, walk in closets, spa style showers and even chandeliers. These awesome trailers had really changed our idea of a trailer, which was more on the side of "My name is Earl" or "The trailer park boys"

We went to a few RV shows, started looking for used trailers and the hunt started for our perfect RV.  It wasn't until we got back to Canada before the summer when we finally met Val. She's a Bighorn by Heartland,  35 foot, 12,000 pound 5th wheel that we fell in love with. Shortly after, we got Matti, a F350 diesel truck that was up for an adventure of pulling Val around North America. 

Matti and Val are two of the best travel buddies we could ask for and we are so stoked for this new adventure.  Each time we are heading out to a new city, town or state we make sure to hang some turquoise and dzi beads in the truck and wear a few ourselves. 

If your not familiar with these stones or stories, they are a couple of my favorite. Dzi beads come from Tibet and Nepal and are worn for luck and safe travels. Turquoise is known as the travelers stone. And both have strong roots in Tibetan and Nepalese culture as many families are nomadic and travel with the herds of yak, the Grandparents who were too old to travel would give members of their family dzi beads or turquoise to make sure they all returned home the next season. 

Dzi bead wrist mala

24k gold and dzi bead with strawberry crystal

Matti and Val enjoying the sunset in the Tonopah desert

Matti and val sunset


Here's Adam, Matti and Val getting enjoying the Mountain views!

adam and val

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    Looking forward to following all your wanderings !

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