most amazing natural places we’ve visited

I’ve lost count how many countries we’ve been to the last 17 years traveling together. One thing I do know is that being outside and exploring new places in wildlife is where you’ll usually find me.

I love travel to remote places, villages, islands and places off the beaten path are usually my favourite.

One place that always stand out in my travel memories were the many boat rides I took from mainland Thailand out to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.  The water in Thailand is always the perfect blue green colour no matter the weather or season.  The entire boat ride passes countless islands that Have large rocks, cliffs, the green trees, white beaches...they are just stunning. Most of these islands and sea mounts are made from magma bubbling up from deep down millions of years again that formed all these small islands. I fact there are almost 1500 islands in Thailand, 35000 temples spread across the country.


Another boat ride out to Koh Phangan Thailand 


More awesome mountains you’ll see island hopping in Thailand 


Top of the mountain otter the hike up in Koh Phi Phi

Another amazing place I love is Guilin, Guangxi, in the northeast of China. It’s known as one of most beautiful places in China, because of the many distinct looking mountains, strange caves, rivers and lakes.  We took the river cruise while Adam’s parents were visiting one January and it was the smallest, coolest little boat that only 4 of us and the driver fit on.  That whole boat trip is amazing because of those huge awesome mountains and caves along the rivers. We visited all the parks, pagodas and even a few weird caves way underground lit up by a lot of colourful lights.   

Guilin China

River cruise in Guilin China 

A couple of years ago was our first trip to Baja Mexico and we have totally fallen in love with this amazing peninsula.  We have driven all of Baja quite a few times now from north to south, back again and gotten to know the area quite well.  There are some really remote places along the drive, where you don’t see another person, car or home for hours and hours.  South of Guerrero Negro to Mulegé has mountains, the grade to hell, volcanoes and some of the coolest and biggest cactus you’ll ever see. South of San Felipe there is the valley of giant cactus full of massive cardon cactus.  It worth a visit and amazing to see.  But, the drive south of Guerrero Negro all the way down to La Paz, that’s all you’ll see! Huge, enormous cardon cactus that fill up the desert for miles and miles, definitely worth a drive down to check them out. One of my favourite places to see hundreds of thousands of massive cardon cactus was the road off mex-1 out to Bahai de Los Angeles. That’s all you’ll see in the valley, unbelievable!

Baja Mexico

Cactus in Baja Mexico 

I’d have to say my all time favourite natural wonder that I’ve seen is Mount Everest in Nepal. At almost 8850 meters, it’s above the clouds. It was a fantastic adventure . We took a trip out to Bhaktapur to see the ancient village and amazing temples full of goats. Then kept heading out to Nagarkot a small town with a great view of Mount Everest. It’s at the rim of the Everest valley and known for its stunning sunset and sunrise views of Everest and definitely worth the long trip out there. Once we arrived at Nagarkot, we drove another half hour or so, then had   steep hike before we finally made it to the top of the look out point. From there at sunset you have a stunning view of Everest that pokes out above the clouds and is just unreal to see.

Mount Everest

Adam and I in Nagarkot, sunset view of Mount Everest....if you look real close behind our heads is the top of Everest 

Mount Everest sunrise in Nagarkot waiting for the clout clear so we can see more of Ev


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