Where does the word MALA come from ?

Mala is a Sanskrit word that roughly means garland. But, in many cultures referred to as a rosary. In Chinese, the rosary is nianzhu; in Japanese, nenju; in Tibetan: threngwa, trenwa or tenwa;  in Vietnamese, tranghat.

It is thought that the word rosary may have come from the Sanskrit japa mala. When the Roman explorers came to India and first saw the mala necklaces, they heard japa mala and japa for the Romans meant rose. So, when the malas were taken back to the Roman Empire they were called rosarium. Today in English, rosary.

But, malas are called many names , prayer beads, Buddhist beads, Japa mala, power beads, energy beads, yoga beads, and the list goes on.

Whatever you call your mala beads it’s all about awakening the bodhivista, filling your heart with love and compassion, focusing your mind and life.



Here is a 108 knotted mala made with sandalwood, amazonite and 24k beads, with a crystal pendant. 


108 knotted mala with crystal pendant