Upcoming Markets and Events

Here is a list of all the upcoming shows, markets and events that we have coming up. So if your in the area, stop in say HI and check out our new designs and new stones....

 We love supporting local events and of course do our veggie shopping too. So this summer we are keeping a weekly local market schedule and are loving it!

Saturday - We are at the Owen Sound Farmers Market Art Crawl. From 7 to 12  we will be selling malas and be located in the white tents near the river. Come and say hi and try on some new designs. https://www.facebook.com/owensoundartcrawl/

Sunday We are in Wiarton at the Sunday Funday market from 10 to 4 and wow, it's a lot of fun. The view is insanely amazing, the beach and water are just stunning. There are some awesome vendors, that have some amazing products and EVERYTHING, yep everything being sold at the market is 100% hand made by the sellers- so come support your local artisans! There is good food, great people and after 2 live music, that changes every week. https://www.facebook.com/WiartonSundayMarket/

Tuesday We are at Keady Market. We are in the huge, huge, huge field with 250 other vendors selling our favorite meditation malas. The market opens early at 7 and goes till 2. There is lots to see, eat and drink and we have been working on some new designs that you have to come and see.  http://www.keadylivestock.com/farmers.html

Wednesday is one of our favorite days! We are in Port Elgin at the Wednesday Market, located right downtown and open from 9 to 2. This market has lots of local vendors that hand make or home grow all their own products, snacks and treats. We love the chilled vibe of this city and all the smiles.



Events that we are excited to be part of... 

June 2      City of OM, Ottawa

City of OM strives to connect communities in the Ottawa area, & beyond, to a larger network focused on mindful living.



June 22- 24        The Groovefest, 3565 Stagecoach Road, Sydenham, ON. about 20 minutes north of Kingston.

Festival vibes on the urban edge. Join us for a sweet, sweaty weekend of yoga, movement, music + community. ALL BODIES WELCOME.



July 7 and 8        The Waterloo Inn, Waterloo

Showcase your product or service to a unique key audience with the Holistic Healing Fairs that provide a fun, entertaining and engaging way for you to connect. 



July 14          The ZenFest, Montreal

The Montreal ZenFest (aka ChantFest ) is a Wellness Yoga & Music Festival celebrating life, connecting with your divine self and your fellow brothers and sisters 



Aug 11            Energetic Health Summer Expo

Come out to the Burlington Lion's Club and learn about cancer preventative maintenance, immune boosting tools and alternative healing therapies for the mind, body and spirit. Vendors offering clean air & water, proper nutrition, essential oil education and supplements to keep you healthy, with special dietary counseling for cancer remission patients. Energy healing, meditation specialists and chakra balancing with light, sound, crystals and essential oils.



Sept 7          The Good Living Show, Burlington Art Gallery

The Silver and Gold Magazine "GOOD LIVING SHOW" takes place once again at the beautiful Art Gallery of Burlington! Join us for a fun-filled day of fun. 



Sept 15 - 16       KW Health Expo

The 2018 KW Health Expo will be the largest health and wellness consumer show in the Waterloo Region where you can learn about health care by some of the best and brightest within the industry. You will also be given the opportunity to browse the 80+ vendors for health and wellness related products and services or sit and enjoy one of the many presentations and workshops. This will be a day you can have fun being out in your active wear.



Oct 13 - 14          Yoga and Wellness Show, Toronto

The Yoga & Wellness Show takes place October 13 & 14 at Enercare Cente, Toronto. Shopping, freeyoga, healthy food and more!


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