Dzi Bead Symbol Meaning

Some Dzi beads have circles on them called eyes and other dzi beads have pictures or symbols. The different symbols represent different areas of your life and helps you by taking away negative energy from that area, such as keeping away evil, lowering blood pressure or bringing good luck, wealth or karma.

Here is a list of the most popular symbol dzi beads

Lotus Flower- will help purify the spirit and mind and keep them calm and peaceful. It is a symbol of peace.

Bottle- will help to keep a long and healthy life. It is a symbol of wealth and a long life.

Tiger tooth- will keep away evil spirits and help to advance in your career and bring in wealth and good luck. 

Wave- is a symbol of wealth, like water. The wave means the wealth will continually come, like water and keep flowing in forever.

Dorje- is a symbol of wisdom. It has the power to defeat all evil spirits and trouble in your life.

Urna- will clean your karma, body, mind and spirit and leave you feeling calm and peaceful.

Buddha Eye- has infinite power to make everything in your life go smoothly and make all your wishes come true. 

Longevity- has a similar pattern to a tortoise shell and is the symbol of longevity. It will help you live a long and healthy life. 

Heaven and Earth- will ensure a prosperous business and great luck and wealth. It will bring you luck from both heaven and earth.

Ruyi- is also called the money hook. It is a symbol of continual wealth, abundant food and great luck. This is a highly sought after dzi bead because of the amount of money it will bring into your life.

Pipal- is good for travelling. It ensures a safe journey and will eliminate disasters. 

Crescent- will bring you great health, a prosperous life and good relationships. 

Green Tara- is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It will ensure all your dreams come true. 

Charm of Evil Expelling- will ensure prosperity and will keep all evils away.

Da Ren- in English is called Big Man. He will be your guardian and ensure a smooth and successful life.

Guruda- will help you keep bad luck away and bring you good luck and fortune. 

Sun and Moon- symbolize Yin and Yang. It will help you leave any suffering and find happiness through life. 

Overlapping Peak- will give you courage and make your wishes come true. 

Dharma Cap- will bring you peace and help you complete projects in your life. 

Ritual Object- has infinite powers to defeat all evils in your life. 

Black and White-  symbolize night and day and Yin and Yang. It will bring you good luck, keep balance in your life and ensure safe journeys. 

Stripes- can turn a bad situation into fortune and change bad luck into good luck.




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