Dzi Bead Eyes Meanings 1 to 12 eyes

Some Dzi beads have circles on them called eyes. The different number of eyes represents different things and helps you in areas of you life, such as keeping away evil, lowering blood pressure or bringing good luck and karma. 


Here is a quick list of the meanings of the Dzi bead eye 1 to 12. 


one eye- promotes safety and brings luck to the wearer. It is also thought to enhance wisdom and bring in more happiness.


two eyes- for a happy marriage and a happy family. The two eyes also bring balance and harmony. It represent the yin and the yang in your life.


three eye- known as the wealth bead. It is thought to bring in great wealth to the wearer. It represents the wealth god Kubera. The three eyes represent his two eyes and mouth and body, mind and heart.


four eyes- represent the 4 major Bodhisattvas in Buddhism. This bead will bring the wearer wealth, luck and provide a long happy life.


five eyes- is known as the magical bead. It brings success, career advancement, wisdom and obtaining whatever the wearer desires. It is one of the most sought after Dzi beads- eternal happiness!


six eyes- will eliminate all sadness and suffering from the wearers life and bring it an abundance of good luck. 


seven eyes- helps the wearer achieve fame and glory. This bead also helps with the wearers career, wealth, relationships and health.


eight eyes- is the safety bead. It provides safety and protection to the wearer.


nine eyes- is one of the most popular Dzi beads. It is known as the wealth bead and does bring fame and great wealth. It also helps people to see their life more clearly.


ten eyes- is the symbol of perfection. It brings career advancements, positive feelings and comments from others and happy relationships. 


eleven eyes- will increase the wearers wisdom. It will also eliminate suffering of any type and bring good luck and good fortune.


twelve eyes- fulfills  all wishes. This is a powerful Dzi bead. It allows you to overcome any fears or obstacles in your life. 


All of the Dzi beads bring good luck and protection. But, it is thought that the Dzi bead will choose the wearer. So, if one Dzi bead jumps out at you- That's Your Bead!



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